City Sunshine Adventures

While my mosaic project is on hold due to a lack of tiles (which have been ordered). Today after seeing my fiance off at the airport, I took a stroll through the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD from Spencer Street Station, via Dockalnds and South Warf and ended up in South Bank. Along the way I took a series of architectural photographs which mostly contained triangles/diamonds. I have been meaning to do this for some time, but things always look better when the sun is shinning, so today was the day. Here are my images

These first images are of the NAB building at 700 Burke Street. This has to be one of my favorite buildings in Melbourne




This image is Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross)


These next few are of the Penguin Group Australia and Pearson Group Australia Building at Docklands



This is the Seafarers Bridge at South Wharf


This is one of my favorite structures in the city the Webb Bridge in South Wharf, both in a functional and artistic sense.




This is an awning that covers an outdoor seating area outside of Crown. The patterns that are on the glass make beautiful pattens on everything below



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